Suzanne Lee

Chief Creative Officer at Modern Meadow

Suzanne was an early pioneer of biotechnology in textiles for fashion. She has spent the last twenty years at the vanguard of fashion and technology research, working with designers, brands, scientists and technology companies to innovate new materials and manufacturing processes. Her research has always focused on how fashion will change, not next season, but over the next 5,10 even 50 years. An encounter with a biologist in 2003 led to her pioneering work growing microbial materials for fashion, a project for which she coined the term ‘Biocouture™’. She predicted that the future of fashion would be at the interface of biotechnology and has spent until the present day working with scientists to make that vision a reality. In 2013 Suzanne started working with Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, and in 2014 she closed Biocouture to join full-time as Chief Creative Officer. Suzanne leads the design team who work closely with the materials science team innovating novel biofabricated materials. Suzanne led the development of Zoa™, the first biofabricated materials brand from Modern Meadow. Zoa™ is a world of advanced materials, based on collagen, that reference leather but made without animals. In 2017 Zoa™ launched in the form of a revolutionary t-shirt at MoMA as part of the ‘Items: Is Fashion Modern’ exhibit. In 2014 Suzanne founded Biofabricate, the annual summit uniting design, biology and technology which takes place in December in Brooklyn. Suzanne’s thought-leadership has been awarded a prestigious TED Senior Fellowship.