Koert van Mensvoort

Founder, Next Nature Network

Dr. Koert van Mensvoort is an artist and philosopher best known for his work on the philosophical concept of Next Nature, which revolves around the idea that our technological environment has become so complex, omnipresent and autonomous that it is best perceived as a nature of its own.
He uses all media to materialize his philosophy, and among his works are the traveling NANO Supermarket. Other works of his include the internet-enabled Datafountain, the book ‘Next Nature: Nature changes along with us’, the documentary ‘Daddy! The Woods smell of Shampoo’, the ‘Fake for Real’ memory game, the fictional shoe company Rayfish.com that stirred a discussion on emerging biotechnologies and the In Vitro Meat Cookbook, exploring the potential impact of lab-grown meat on our food culture.
Van Mensvoort is director of the Next Nature Network, and Next Nature fellow at the Eindhoven University of Technology, board member of the Society of Arts at the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and supervisory board member of VPRO.