Maurizio Montalti

Creative Director, Officina Corpuscoli and R&D Director, Mogu

Maurizio Montalti is co-founder and Director of R&D at Mogu, an innovation-driven, environmentally-conscious company, dedicated to developing, designing, scaling and commercialising different typologies of biomaterials deriving from fungi. 
He has been one of the early pioneers committed to studying and to developing a range of mycelium-based technologies, for the production of natural biomaterials and products. Maurizio started growing materials as part of his creative practice and consultancy, Officina Corpuscoli. While exploring and questioning the design industry and the contemporary material culture, his work has advocated for the fundamental necessity of learning to establish a symbiotic entanglement between natural life-forms, aiming to trigger a sense of responsibility and a consequently positive advancement of the society we are part of. 
Working at the junction of design and biotech, Mogu and its trans-disciplinary team research, develop and commercialise mycelium-based materials and products, as sustainable and high-performance alternatives. His work has been honoured with multiple awards, featured widely in the media and exhibited globally.