Nipa Doshi

Designer and Co-Founder of Doshi Levien

Infusing the industrial with the sensibility of the handmade has been the central philosophy of Doshi Levien since the establishment of the studio over 10 years ago. Founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, the studio based its approach to work on the love of fine craftsmanship. 
Nipa’s practice is rooted in her plural upbringing and astute eye for visual culture; and Jonathan’s in industrial precision, combined with the sensibility of a maker’s hand and deep understanding of materials. The layering of research, materiality, and the tactility of their design process – painting, sculpting, colour making – result in work that is distinguished by their clarity of ideas and seemingly effortless attention to detail.
The studio, collaborating with leader companies such as B&B Italia, Moroso, Kvadrat, Kettal, Cappellini, works coherently across industries and categories, from colour to textiles, footwear to lighting, furniture to ceramics, often bringing their understanding of one process to their work on another.