Matteo Lunelli / Altagamma

Beatrice Leanza / curator

Refik anadol / artist & pioneer

Lonneke gordijn / studio drift

Moderated by

Beatrice Leanza / Curator

In the opening part we look at the expanding web of relations between the world of scientific research and design, and how human, natural and machine intelligence inform design strategies that can create a more wholesome, resonant interconnection between man and world to help us face radical change.

Brendan McGetrick / museum of the future

Erez Nevi Pana / vegan designer

Alfredo Munoz / architect ABIBOO STUDIO

Claudia Pasquero / ecologic studio

Moderated by

Aric Chen / Director HNI Institute

We’ll look at what are the core tenets of collaboration in the world of innovations crafting a balance between technology-driven and biophilic methodologies of creation: exploring alternative materials or bio-algorithms, these practitioners illuminate a new frontier and understanding of what it means to practice “sustainable” design.

From material engineering, to building automated living scapes or regenerative solutions of systemic scale at a terrestrial or ultra-planetary level, these practitioners show us radical collaboration across industries, forms of knowledge and storytelling, plugging us into a future-present of wonder, hope and concrete potential.

In collaboration with

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Gabriela Hearst / fashion designer

Cyrill Gutsch / PareLy for the Oceans

Gaelle le Gelard / senior designer

Moderated by

Spancer Bailey / Journalist, Writer, Editor

Here we dive into an expanded sense of building “with” the environment, learning how to improve our ways of crafting strategies in which new alliances among stakeholders - creatives, companies, governments and communities can be effected to ensure an equitable and sustainable future, for humans and the environment.

Bringing forward best-practice case studies and stories form the industry of fashion, food and manufacturing where sustainability and circularity have become central mantras of their structural transformations and operations, this panel is presented in partnership with the pioneering Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation (UK).

liam young / speculative architect and director

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