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‘Design in Flux’ pays tribute to future-driven forms of design intelligence founded on intellectual crosspollination exploring a radically expanded world of cognition, sensation, interconnectedness, that voyages from the scale of the molecular to the ultra-planetary.

By Beatrice Leanza / Curator of next design perspectives 2021|2022

Beatrice Leanza

Curator of next design perspectives 2021|2022

» The 2022 conference tackles the role of design at large in confronting a new idea of planetaryco-existence, showing how innovation and cross-sectorial research lead the development of new systems of care, social and environmental balance, and thus enhance the human potential to alleviate the distress posed by anthropogenic actions and its engendered extreme conditions.

» The conversations and experiences brought to stage traverse various scales of design’s capacity to transform systemic relations between man and world, which are foundational in today’s widening scope of research and collaboration across creative disciplines, scientific studies and industrial innovation voted to environmental reparation and the construction of equitable futures.

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